Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Done with Summer Semester

So ELMAC summer semester #1 is done! It's been a crazy whirlwind these past 7 weeks! Phew. But it's been intense and challenging and so good. I really enjoyed all the time I had with my classmates (it's weird not seeing them every day now!) and learned so much from my teachers. I also gained a lot of insight on the kind of teacher I will aspire to be, and what to watch out for.

We had a 3-week internship at a summer academy program, and that was a real eye-opening experience for me. I was in a 1st grade classroom, and thoroughly enjoyed working with the students in my class. However, from that experience, I learned that not all teachers see the best in their students, and I saw how not to talk about my students in front of them, especially when it was criticism. I was shocked, but I guess not really surprised. It's sad how some teachers only see teaching as a job, something to pass time with, and they don't really care about the student's potential, progress, or even, who they are as human beings with unique personalities, needs, and strengths. It showed me how, when I'm a teacher, to interact with my students as people first, and then as learners. Students cannot learn from a teacher they don't trust, and who doesn't listen to them well.

Many lessons learned this summer. I'm already looking forward to the fall! (and it's only been... 5 days of break? Hahah!)

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