Thursday, March 3, 2011

funny stories

just wanted to jot down some funny stories that happened recently:

me: so what is the title of our poem?
students: old macdonald had a farm.
me: okay, so now let's read the story.
(students read the poem)
student: comma!
me: what's that?
student: comma!
me: (surprised... as my students barely know what a period is) where is the comma?
(he points it out)
me: wow! has your teacher been teaching you punctuation?
student: no... ms. pan, you taught me that last week!
(wow, i didn't even remember...)
then my students proceeded to sing the song saying "comma" every time they saw one. haha!

during word study:
student: ms. pan, is this word "nine"?
me: yes. how can you use it in a sentence?
student: hmm... ms. pan is nine years old. that's a good one!
(that would make me... one year older than the student. haha!)

student: ms. pan... i have a boyfriend.
me: um... you are a little young to have a boyfriend (she's in kindergarten!).
student: my boyfriend is him (points to student across the desk)
other student: what? i'm not your boyfriend!

(while teaching five little monkeys)
me: okay, so why doesn't the doctor want the monkeys to jump on the bed?
student: because you will fall off and bump your head.
other student: yeah, and it's not good to bump your head.
me: why not?
student: because you have a brain and it could hurt it. but i know how to bump my head so it won't hurt my brain.

LOL, these kids keep me laughing each day. i need to write down more stories!

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